Bible study: Attitudes are contagious-is yours worth catching?


Apart from deceases in the world there are many things that are not contagious. Such as talent, experience and skills  to name a few. There’s one thing that is always contagious though.  It is called attitudes. What are attitudes? It’s the way we perceive things. There are people of good attitudes and bad attitudes. We meet both in the Bible. Good or bad, we catch the attitudes of those we spend time with. In today’s study we are going to discuss this fact in detail.

Text: Numbers 13:1-33 & Numbers 14:1-38

1. People with unhealthy attitudes

(Numbers 13:31-33)

A. Moses sent 12 spies to spy the land of Canaan upon God’s command. Only 2 of them brought a positive feedback. Others brought bad news.

B. All of them spied the same land. Saw the same people. They belonged to the same people that God brought out of Egypt.

C. How could the majority brought a bad report? They had an attitude problem.

2. Their influence was negative

(Numbers 14:1-10)

A. More than 1 million Israelis were following Moses to the promised land. Just 10 spies with unhealthy attitudes inspired doubt in all 1 million of them.

B. They  got people to to stone the spies (Joshua and Caleb) that brought good reports.

C. Their unbelief called for God’s wrath upon themselves and others that believed them. (Numbers 14:22, Numbers 14:28-35, Numbers 14:36-37).

3. The church is not an exception.

A. Such people exist in the church also. They are much like polluted water. Make the entire body of Christ sick.

B. Their attitudes become their actions. Their actions become their character.

C. Pollute others through gossip, rebellion, destructive criticism. They convince others to trust in their web of lies.

4. Spotting people with such attitudes

A. They pretend to be godly leaders, (Numbers 16:1-3). Their character isn’t in consistent with their gifts though.

B. They are like white washed tombs, (Matthew 23:27). Pretend to be victims of the leadership.

C. They cause divisions in the church.

6. Spotting people of healthy attitudes

A. They trust God at all times, (Numbers 13:27, Numbers 13:30). Obeys and supports the leadership, (Numbers 14:6). Doers of God’s word. Their character is in alignment with their gifts.

B. The unity of the church is their top concern. No matter what kind of rotten atmosphere they encounter. They make everything around them better.

C. They take in the toxic words of polluters in the community just as everyone else does, but they filter the words before passing them on (Numbers 14:7-9). What goes in may be gloomy and negative, but when it comes back out, it’s fresh and clear.

8. They are acceptable in God’s site

A. God is pleased with them, (Numbers 14:24).

B. They inherit God’s blessings, (Numbers 14:30).

C. God use them to bless others just Joshua became Moses’ successor and lead the rest to the promised land.


Never let people with unhealthy attitudes to influence your life. Avoid their company at best. Don’t let their words deceive you. They are headed towards disaster, (Numbers 16:19-25). Who ever follows them will share their fate, (Numbers 16:26-35).

Image: Dan Klimke