6 more benefits of being a blogging Preacher

For the past year and a half I have enjoyed reading a few blogs and even began toying with the thought of starting my own blog. Naturally, it raised some of the basic questions that most bloggers ask before they start their first blog, like: “How do I start a blog,” “What template should I use,” “What should I write,” “How often should I post” and the list goes on.

Reading Cory’s Blogging for Pastors 101 series was a tremendous blessing and he answered all of those questions plus many others.

I have been blogging regularly since January 2007, and I have since realized several benefits of being a Blogging Preacher.

1. Creativity

Blogging regularly has helped spark my creativity and challenges me to come up with different ways to keep my readers checking my blog.

2. Information

Blogging allows me to share information with the members of my congregation about upcoming events and any updates.

3. Transparency

I am able to share little bits of information about the happenings in my life and with my family that allows me to be a little more “real” with my members. Whenever I do share an antidote from my life it seems to draws the most comments from my members.

4. Discipleship

Blogging gives me a chance to teach my members throughout the week. Blogging is a fantastic teaching tool that allows me to share little nuggets of Scripture to keep my folks in the Word.

5. Preaching

Blogging has blessed my preaching because it is helping me develop my storytelling skills. I also generally share on Monday or Tuesday the passage I will be preaching on the coming Sunday and invite my readers to share their thoughts on that passage and ideas for illustrations or video clips.

6. World Missions

Blogging has also allowed me to share God’s good news with people around the world. That is cool! I would have never been able to teach those people if I had never started to blog.

If you are a pastor let me encourage you to begin a blog this month. Take a little time and read Cory’s Blogging for Pastors 101 series and contact him with any other questions you may have to get started. That is what I did and Blogging has been a bigger blessing than I ever imagine.

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By Mike Ballard [via Running for the Price]

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