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Short Inductive Lessons for Small Groups and Individual Studies. [Discontinued]

Q & A on Fasting and Prayer

Q & A: Fasting and Prayer

The reason for this Q&A is the lack of understanding among Christians about the spiritual discipline of Fasting and Prayer. It answers some of the basic yet commonly asked questions. Read on to learn the major spiritual truths about this discipline.

Bible Study: How to give to the Lord?

Bible Study: How to give unto the Lord?


The Bible exhorts us to give to please God, for our giving to be honored in heaven and to receive abundant blessings from God (Acts 20:35). In this blog post, I will show you how to give in such a way that your giving will be honored in heaven.

Bible Study: Our Spiritual Act of Worship

Our spiritual act of worship


Romans 9 and Romans 11 formed a break in Paul’s letter to the Romans. In that passage, Paul’s focus was on salvation and the Jew. Paul wanted to show them that God was not neglecting them in this present age, but that they could be saved by calling on the name of the Lord. Now, Paul returns to the main idea of his letter. He has spent considerable time telling us how we are saved, what we are saved from and what salvation has done for us. In this last section of the book, Paul’s focus shifts to some very practical matters. He will discuss many aspects of everyday living in this world.

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