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Leverage Social Media and Information Technology for the edification of the Church.

ChurchCRM: Free Church Management Suite

ChurchCRM the Free Church Management Suite

If you haven’t heard of ChurchCRM before it’s one of the best Church Management Software or CHMS. There are many CHMS Suites available in the market. However, ChurchCRM is the only System that met the criteria to be featured here, (Free, Open Source, Cloud-Ready, Polished User Interface, Secure, Ease of installation and maintenance.) It’s the scope of this post to summarize the key features of ChurchCRM and what you need to set up a fully functioning system. We will not provide any installation instructions.

Get a Professional Grade Church Website for Free

Get a professional grade church website for Free.

Although you can present one thousand one reasons to your pastor why the church needs a website the cost factor can make convincing him next to impossible. You can always ask his 16-year-old to put together a website using some WYSIWYG editor but chances are high the output will be far less than your expectations. Besides a cheap-looking website is worse than no website at all. If you need a professional-looking website you need a professional designer to finish the job.

Free iPhone/Android App that makes witnessing easier

This is an introductory blog post about the iPhone/Android App  ‘How to share your faith’. A super easy yet very creative approach to evangelism. I am not going to write much as the embed video explains it all. Please see that the app will be free for a limited time only. [Download link]

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Tag Scripture Reference and do much more with ‘Verselink’ from eBIBLE.COM

Tag scripture reference and do much more with ‘Verselink’ from

I am sure you are familiar with Christian websites that let you instantly view a Bible passage by hovering your mouse over the Bible reference. This is nothing new and there are many scripts with which you can implement this functionality in your blog or website too. Then what makes Verselink stand out?

Installing ChurchInfo Desktop Edition

Splash Screen

If you don’t know what ChurchInfo is, it’s a web-based, open source, Church Management software originally developed to be deployed in Linux driven web servers so that the authorized users could access it from anywhere, any time. Not all churches are capable of handling a web server which is why last year I wrote a tutorial on installing ChurchInfo in a Windows PC and it’s receiving a wide array of attention ever since.  Though Installing in a PC is a fairly easy process, some of our readers ran into errors when they attempted the installation.

How to create a Professional Facebook Fan Page for Church or Ministry?

Free tools for creating a custom Facebook fan page for your church or ministry

Ever since Ben Sinclair’s guest post “How your church can use the power of Facebook!” many pastors and church workers contacted me asking how to create a custom Facebook fan page for their own church or ministry. So far this was something only the developers were capable of doing and anyone who wanted an attractive custom Facebook fan page yet not tech savvy had to hire a professional.

How your church can use the power of Facebook!

How your church can use the power of Facebook!

If someone doesn’t have a Facebook account these days, it’s kind of a big deal. I can’t remember what I did before Facebook. It’s almost a necessity these days. A lot of people would disagree with that statement but it’s all about how you see it. I keep in contact with friends all around the world.

Free eBook “2011: The Year Churches Move into the Cloud?”

Cloud Computing for Churches and non-profits

I have had the joy of guiding the church in the area of information technology for the last 14 years. One important truth I learned during this time is that unawareness and fear of failure are major reasons why churches and other non-profits delay or altogether deny adopting new and awesome technologies like “Cloud Computing”.

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