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NETBibleTagger: Bible Reference Tagging for Your Website or Blog


If you are a regular reader of this blog, you must know by now that I was using Reftagger to automatically tag and quote scripture references in my blog posts. Two weeks ago I came across NETBibleTagger and I replaced Reftagger straight away because I noticed that NETBibleTagger does a much better job.

Jesus.Net Widget: An awesome Tool to share the Gospel via your blog/website

Jesus.Net Widget

Once a Pastor told me it would be a great idea to reserve a page in my blog to share the Good news about Jesus. I liked the idea. Then I thought the world wide web is a place for creative and dynamic content. Presenting the Gospel in the traditional and static format would make my visitors feel boring.

X3Watch: Free internet accountability software

X3Watch: The Free Internet Porn Accountability Software

1. What is X3Watch?

It’s one of the few Internet Porn Accountability Software in the Market. Imagine I am struggling with Porn. With X3Watch I can have an accountability partner (or partners) who are sent copies of the web pages I look at. The idea is that if I know the accountability partner will be keeping track of my Internet usage, I am less likely to visit sites that he will not approve.

How to install ChurchInfo in a Windows based Computer?

How to install ChurchInfo in a Windows based Computer

This is how I found out about ChurchInfo. Recently we decided that our church membership information must be computerized and as usual I was asked to do the job. However, none of the commercial Church Management Software I came across could fit into our budget. Then I googled to see whether any free and open-source applications are available.

Send Electronic Church Newsletters with MailChimp for Free

Managing your church newsletter with MailChimp free edition

I will not take time to explain the importance of a church newsletter or why you should consider using an Email Marketing Solution. You are reading this because you already know why.According to a review by PC Magazine, there are at least 10 most popular Email Marketing Solutions. However, only MailChimp, BenchMark and VerticalResponse offers a free version. I prefer MailChimp for its easy to use User Interface. Maybe MailChimp is also the cheapest solution ($10/month). The free edition is for you if,

Web Hosting for Churches & FlockHosting will host your Church Website for Free

Web Hosting for Churches & FlockHosting will host your church website for free

If you have followed this blog closely you may remember my how-to article on setting up a Church blog with WordPress. You can read it here if you missed it. In it, I also discussed choosing a Web Host in brief. Although Hosting costs have decreased very much over time some churches will find it difficult to invest in web hosting. (especially if you are talking about a fresh church plant) Gladly while doing research for this post I came across two companies that offer to host church websites for free, (well, I found more but the ones mentioned here were worth an introduction)

How to use WordPress for setting up a Church Blog?

How to use WordPress to setup a church blog?

I was introduced to blogging through a tech column it sounded like a useless idea, which I quickly and impatiently dismissed thinking ‘who wants to maintain an online journal?’ For me, the concept was far less than practical.

3 years later I felt God’s calling in my life. I Left home to enroll in Bible college and graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Theology in the year 2006. I was very passionate about sharing God’s word with the masses and had a lot to share. But the entire year went by without a single opportunity to preach.

Faithlife Reftagger: Tag Scripture Reference on Blogs and Websites

Reftagger: automatically tag and quote scripture references on blogs and websites

According to the content of this blog, I have to quote Bible references in almost every blog post that I write. In the beginning, this wasn’t a big deal, but as time passed I wanted to automate the process. You know, typing entire Bible passages manually isn’t easy. Copying and pasting is a good alternative but then it occupies too much of space.

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