Get a professional grade church website for Free.

Although you can present one thousand one reasons to your pastor why the church needs a website the cost factor can make convincing him next to impossible. You can always ask his 16-year-old to put together a website using some WYSIWYG editor but chances are high the output will be far less than your expectations. Besides a cheap-looking website is worse than no website at all. If you need a professional-looking website you need a professional designer to finish the job.

These are some reasons why I believe Terry Bybee and his work for the kingdom deserves a decent introduction. He is the founder of “Two Mites” – a professional web design ministry that designs high-quality church websites for free. Terry agrees he is willing to bless not just churches but non-profits also provided the requirements are not heavy.

Even though you have to pay for registering the domain name and hosting the website, as such tasks are carried out by companies other than “Two Mites” this isn’t a problem because reliable hosting costs less than 90 USD a year. (Unless you are planning to host a multibillion, complicated website like FACEBOOK.COM) If necessary Terry will help you to transfer the finished website to a web host of your choice but I don’t see any reason why you would want to do that. It seems his website is hosted with “Bluehost” the top choice of many professional designers.

Get a professional grade church website for free
One of the many websites in Terry’s portfolio

Remember, at “Two Mites” free doesn’t mean cheap. All sites are rendered using advanced server-side technologies – not some plain HTML. UI/UX wise I would give these designs 10/10. The designs featured in Terry’s portfolio are so much brilliant “This guy must be crazy” was the first thought to cross my mind. But then I remembered, the body of Christ is made of many members and each member contributes to her edification in his own unique way. This is Terry’s contribution.

In conclusion, if you are capable of extending some financial support to Terry’s work, by all means, please do. If you cannot pay please pray. A good website brings people to church and Satan does not tolerate people who make it happen (people like Terry). As the global church, we are responsible to see these valuable ministries and people behind them are looked after until the Lord returns. It is my prayer that the Lord shall anoint Terry abundantly to fulfill this unique calling.

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