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Tag Scripture Reference and do much more with ‘Verselink’ from eBIBLE.COM

I am sure you are familiar with Christian websites that let you instantly view a Bible passage by hovering your mouse over the Bible reference. This is nothing new and there are many scripts with which you can implement this functionality in your blog or website too. Then what makes Verselink stand out?

In addition to tagging scripture reference, the developers at eBible.com have designed Verselink to perform two more very useful tasks. If you hover your mouse over a bible reference in a website where this script is already installed you are presented with a tooltip that displays the text in the passage(s) that are referenced (as usual) and 2 buttons called ‘Explain’ and ‘Continue Reading’ at the bottom (not so usual).

You are presented with a tooltip that displays the text in the passage(s) that were referenced and 2 buttons called ‘Explain’ and ‘Continue Reading’ at the bottom.

If you click ‘Explain’ you are taken to Matthew Henry’s Commentary where you can read the exegetical explanation of that verse and Strong’s Hebrew/Greek definitions for each keyword. ‘Continue Reading’ button is a lot more fun. Assuming you implemented ‘Embeddable Bible’ from Ebible.com in your website or blog, each time a visitor clicks on ‘Continue Reading’ instead of redirecting him to the developer’s website (like any other script does) he is taken to the Bible embed in your own website. This prevents the visitor from leaving the site.

The fun becomes even greater if you have enabled the ‘Related Content’ feature in your account settings. Each time a visitor access a portion of the Bible embed in your blog the script intelligently detects any content in your site that corresponds to the selected portion of scripture and display links to those contained in the sidebar enabling the visitor to discover more of your content.

Links: Download Verselink WordPress plugin | Get the Embeddable Bible

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