1. What is X3Watch?

Imagine I am struggling with pornography. With X3Watch I can have an accountability partner (or partners) who is sent copies of the web pages I look at. The idea is that if I know the accountability partner will be keeping track of my Internet usage, I am less likely to visit sites that he will not approve.

Remember though, X3Watch is not an internet filter or a usage monitor. It’s not designed to block the user from  accessing inappropriate websites. There are separate software to do that. Never use X3Watch to spy on someone else’s online behavior. It’s been developed to serve a much noble purpose than spying.

2. How much does it cost?

X3Watch has a free edition as well as paid editions. The difference between paid and free is that the free edition limits you to one accountability partner while you can have many with the paid editions.

3. Can I use it in any device?

X3Watch supports Windows, Mac, Android and iOS, (iPhone, iPad etc.) I don’t think it supports Windows Mobile or Surface Tablet at this moment.

4. How do I install X3Watch?

Installing X3Watch is as easy as installing any other software. However if you are not comfortable with installing software on your own, the X3Watch official YouTube Channel has many helpful tutorials to show you how to install X3Watch in Windows, Mac, iOS or even Android. Additionally you can open a support ticket when you have technical issues.

5. Is X3Watch fool proof?

There’s no such thing as 100% fool proof software and X3Watch is not an exception. However in our tests it was able to thwart all the attempts to bypass it. For instance terminating the process in Task Manager actually worked. But not without notifying the accountability partners first.

Download: X3Watch free edition