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Bible study: How to influence our world for Jesus Christ?

Bible study: How to influence our world for Jesus Christ

In these passages St. Paul is encouraging the believers of Philippi to apply their faith in Christ to their social life. It is clear that God’s intention is that believers should have an active influence for good in society (See Matthew 5:16). If we avoid society by locking our selves into a round of safe Christian activities and meetings, we cannot influence our world for God.

Download Christian and non- Christian stock images for Free

Free Christian and non Christian stock images
Sample image from StockPhotosforFree

Although there are many web sites that sell stock images, a church with a slim budget may not want to pay for these while others might not like to share credit card details with a third party web site. Flickr is a good source for free images but even in Flickr the best content is copyrighted. If this is your problem, don’t worry. Meet “StockPhotosforFree” – a searchable database of free Christian and non-Christian Stock Photos. Images are as big as 1920 * 1810 pixels and organized by different categories. All that you need is a valid email address to sign up and start downloading the images you want.

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6 more Benefits of being a Blogging Preacher

6 more benefits of being a blogging Preacher

For the past year and a half I have enjoyed reading a few blogs and even began toying with the thought of starting my own blog. Naturally, it raised some of the basic questions that most bloggers ask before they start their first blog, like: “How do I start a blog,” “What template should I use,” “What should I write,” “How often should I post” and the list goes on.

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PowerPoint Slides: Love in Action

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