Christian Magic tricks to illustrate biblical truths

When I was a teenager, I watched a Pastor illustrating why Jesus had to die. He started with a pure white rope and said man’s relationship with God was used to be like that before he sinned.

Then he pulled from his pocket a pair of scissors and cut the rope into two. He likened the pair of scissors to sin and said man’s relationship with God was severed when he sinned, just like the rope.

Afterwards, he used a knot to put the two pieces together. Obviously, it worked up to a certain extent but the rope had lost its wholeness. He explained that God commanded man to offer animal sacrifices to receive atonement but it could not restore his relationship with humans to its former glory.

Then he picked a red color piece of cloth which he said is the blood of Jesus Christ and wrapped it around the knot. Next, he pulled it out. I was amazed by what I saw. The knot had disappeared and the rope was whole once again. As whole as new!

That was 20 years ago, but I still remember the message behind the trick. (I know it wasn’t black magic because later he got us to try the same and it worked.) Magic tricks are perfect ways to illustrate biblical truths. Therefore I thought to look for any websites that may have more resources and share it with my readers. Unfortunately, an hour worth search returned only one website called ‘Professor Wonder’s Wonder Factory’

The site doesn’t look professional at all. However, the content is very solid and it seems the author has made every possible effort to make navigation easier. There are 24 main categories and in each category, you can find a huge collection of useful tricks. None of the tricks require any materials other than what you can find around your own home.

Image: Bunny Choi
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