10 web sites for downloading free sermon videos, audios and notes

Today I want to share with you a few websites from which you can download useful ministry resources such as sermon manuscripts, outlines, audio, and videos. Also check the previously introduced CARM, VideoTeaching.com and Sermon Note Book.

1. Manuscripts and Outlines

A. Preaching

The Preaching web site has a vast library of sermons and even illustrations. Here you can find sermons from many world renown preachers like Dr. David Jeremiah. Resources are neatly organized by scripture, Age group, Bible Characters etc.

B. Executable Outlines

Executable Outlines has not only sermon outlines but study guides and PowerPoint sermons also. All the resources are neatly organized under different categories like Bible Study Guides, Textual Sermon Series, Topical Sermon Series, Single Textual Sermons, Single Topical Sermons, and PowerPoint Sermons. You can even download all the outlines in one Zipped file.

C. Sermon Central

At Sermon Central also you can find sermons by many renown Christian Preachers around the world. They have a huge collection of illustrations also.  You can search the site for sermons, illustrations and any other available resources by scripture, speaker or topic. Unfortunately though to access certain resources you need to register for a pro account.

2. Audio Sermons

A. The Word for Today

In The Word for Today website, you will find a single series of sermons ranging from Genesis to Revelation. You can either choose to stream them online or download them to your computer as Mp3 files for listening later or view the outline.

B. SermonAudio.com

In the SermonAudio.com website, you can either stream the sermons online or download them to your computer as an Mp3 file for listening later. Sermons are organized by book, speaker, topic and date. Despite its name, you can find a growing library of 38,760+ videos as well.

C. Desiring God

Desiring God is the official web site of Dr. John Piper, the world renown Preacher, and Teacher of the Bible. The majority of the sermons in this web site are audio only. There are few video sermons also. While only a handful of video sermons can be downloaded you can download any audio sermon to your computer for listening later.  The manuscript is not available for all the sermons. Messages are organized by topic, scripture, series, and date.

3. Video Sermons

A. The Church at Chapel Hill

This is the Internet Campus website of the Church at Chapel Hill. In it you can find a colorful page containing links to all the videos of sermons preached before. Messages are organized by the topic.

B. Saddleback Church

This is the official web site of the Saddleback Church.  According to the administrators of the web site, here you can find the best of Dr. Rick Warren’s sermons (as well as sermons delivered by guest speakers). Each video is accompanied by a sermon outline.

C. McLean Bible Church

The video sermons in the official web site of the McLean Bible Church date back as far as the 80s. Additionally, they have a sermon podcast in iTunes. All the sermons are organized by date.

D. New Life Church

When at the sermon page of the New Life Church web site you can watch the sermon online, download the Mp4 file to your computer for watching later, listen online, download the Mp3 file to your computer for listening later or download the sermon outline.

In concluding this list I want to encourage you to share with us any other good websites you might know for downloading sermons. Just feel free to leave the URL of any of those websites known to you in the comments area.

Image: Brent Moore
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