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Visit GotQuestions to find correct answers to questions about Christian faith

Many of us use Google to research the questions we have about our faith. It isn’t wrong. But this approach to research has a significant disadvantage. In the Internet you find information that are true as well as information that are false. Although Google utilizes very sophisticated search techniques it’s not capable of verifying the accuracy of the content of the web sites it indexes.

This is one important reason why I tell others about the Christian web sites that I know to be reliable and GotQuestions is the latest site I started using to conduct my own research. According to the team behind GotQuestions,

A. Questions are prayerfully and thoroughly researched before being answered and published to the web.

B. Questions are answered by trained and dedicated Christians who love the Lord and passionate about assisting others in their walk with God.

C. The writing staff includes pastors, youth pastors, missionaries, biblical counselors, Bible/Christian college students, seminary students, and lay students of God’s Word.

D. The staff reviews all of the answers for biblical and theological accuracy. The CEO, Michael Houdmann who maintains an active role in the review process, possesses a Bachelor’s degree in Biblical Studies and a Master’s degree in Christian Theology.

E. I have personally taken time to review their answers on my own and I still have not seen anything that contradicts the Bible.

Speaking of the content the web site has three editions. The standard edition, Children’s edition and the teen’s edition. In all three web sites questions are divided into different categories. At the moment you can find answers to 431,071 Bible Questions. You can access the database from your smart phone or tablet running android, iOS or Windows if you install the app.

Visit GotQuestions
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