Month: October 2010

Sermon: What is faith?

What is faith?

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Karl Williams (not his real name) was in the final stages of terminal cancer when he asked me, “Pastor, what is faith?” None of my glib answers seemed to be adequate at that point. Fortunately, Karl experienced real faith before he went home to be with Jesus. But, I have since pondered his question many times and I have sought to answer it. This sermon is yet another feeble attempt to do so.

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6 bible verses people misinterpret to fit their own views

Piracy - Jesus did it

People always misinterpret scripture to fit their own views. Given below are six verses that people misinterpret very often. I have provided the misinterpretation and correct interpretation followed by each verse. Do you know any other instances? Let me know in the comments.

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Bible study: Attitudes are contagious: is yours worth catching?

Bible study: Attitudes are contagious-is yours worth catching?


Apart from deceases in the world there are many things that are not contagious. Such as talent, experience and skills  to name a few. There’s one thing that is always contagious though.  It is called attitudes. What are attitudes? It’s the way we perceive things. There are people of good attitudes and bad attitudes. We meet both in the Bible. Good or bad, we catch the attitudes of those we spend time with. In today’s study we are going to discuss this fact in detail.

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PowerPoint Slides (Featured Image)

PowerPoint sermon for Thanksgiving 2010

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Free web based worship service planning software

There are plenty of web based worship service planning software available in the internet. However most churches have a limited budget and they can’t afford to use such awesome services. Therefore in today’s article I want to share about free web based worship service planning software.

1. Elvanto online rostering system (Free edition)


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