Sermon Notes: Murder in the Pews

Sermon Notes: Abortion in the Church Murder in the Pews


I decided to title this message “Murder in the Pews” owing to three disturbing trends in the church. The number one is that abortion is becoming prevalent in the church as much as it is in the world. Studies show four in ten women who have an abortion are churchgoers. Number two is churchgoers justifying abortion on various grounds. Number three is the false teachings in the church justifying the decriminalization of abortion and expansion of the circumstances in which a woman can obtain the procedure.

Sermon Notes: The Art of War

Photo of a Chessboard for sermon notes on Jehoshaphat's battle strategy in 2 Chronicles 20:1-37


Sun Tzu the author of the best-selling book “The Art of War” has said, “The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting.” That saying reminds me of the Taliban taking full control of Kabul without firing a single round. I wonder whether they read the book! Today you and I may not be at war with human enemy forces but often we find ourselves at war with enemies such as ill-health, fear, grief, and poor finances. Especially at this time in history where the whole world is affected by COVID 19.

Sermon Notes: God’s Antidote for Your Christmas Blues

Photo of a Brown Pinecone beside Candle Lantern used for Sermon Notes on 2 Timothy 4:9-12 for Christmas 2020


A blessed Christmas to all of you! By no stretch of the imagination, this year has been an easy one. Still, we are gathered here today in celebration of the birth of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, for God has been gracious to us. There are many religious holidays around the world. Still, Christmas is unique because it’s the only celebration in the entire year that brings people together, regardless of their gender, beliefs, sexual orientation, nationality, ethnicity, language and, social status.

Sermon Notes: Avoiding Costly Mistakes

Photo of a man stepping on a Banana Peel for Sermon Notes on Avoiding Costly Mistakes.


Mistakes! How interesting? CNBC (Consumer News and Business Channel) once published the story of James Howells. Howells had mistakenly discarded a hard disk with a large sum of bitcoins in it. It was too late when he realized what happened. The hard disk ended up in a garbage dump getting buried underneath tons of waste. Retrieval was not only impossible but illegal. That mistake cost Howell a whopping 127 million dollars in bitcoins! He never saw the hard drive or his precious bitcoins again.

Sermon Notes: How to Finish Well?

Image of three newly graduated girls used in the sermon notes titled how to finish based on 2 Timothy 4:7-8


Since ‘How to Finish Well?’ is the title of my message I believe it’s fitting, to begin with, a word about ‘Last Words’. Last words can be very sentimental. ‘I’ll finally get to see Marilyn’ were the last words of Joe DiMaggio. They inspire sorrow sometimes. ‘Oh, God. What’s happened?’ were the last words of Princess Diana. The last words of Edward H. Rulloff, convicted serial killer surely strikes terror into our hearts. His last words were ‘I’d like to be in hell in time for dinner.’

Sermon Notes: The Role of a Godly Father

Picture of a Father touching a child for Sermon Notes for the Year 2020 Fathers' Day.


Today is Fathers’ Day, and I want to start my message by congratulating all the Fathers because by no stretch of the imagination, being a Father is an easy task. My good friend Gangai Victor once said, being a Father can be scary sometimes. Although fatherhood is the enormous privilege a man can have, it can be confusing, frustrating, and even painful sometimes.

Sermon Notes: Responding to New Atheists in the outbreak of the COVID-19 Pandemic

Sermon Notes: Responding to New Atheists in the outbreak of the COVID-19 Pandemic


New Atheists have become very much active on Social Media ever since the outbreak of the COVID-19 or Corona pandemic. Who is a new atheist, you might wonder? A new atheist is a follower of the philosophy called New Atheism, which is a much innocent term for Antitheism or Anti-God.

Sermons: Best of Palitha Jayasooriya

Best sermons by Pastor Palitha Jayasooriya
Pastor Palitha Jayasooriya

I am posting this on behalf of one of my close friends Pastor Palitha Jayasooriya who is an Executive and Preaching Pastor at the People’s Church in Colombo, Sri Lanka. I know Pastor Palitha well since I minister in the same church and I have worked alongside him for many years. Pastor Palitha’s sermons are now available for downloading through Sermon Search here.

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