Healing the Roman Centurion's servant


Text: Matthew 8:5-13 (Also found in Luke 7:1-10. I am using Matthew’s version of the miracle in this sermon)

  1. There are 37 miracles of Jesus recorded in the four Gospels.
  2. Among them special place is attributed to the miracle of healing the Roman Centurion’s servant – because,
  3. The Centurion demonstrated extreme humility.
  4. The Centurion recognized Jesus’ authority.
  5. The Centurion acted out in faith.

1. Extreme humility

A. A Centurion is a high ranked officer in the Roman army, who had all the authority of the emperor.

B. He represented the emperor. Disobeying him was equal to denying the emperor.

C. A man with authority as well as under authority – Places himself under Jesus’ authority, (Matthew 8:5-6; 8:8)

2. Awareness of Jesus’ authority

A. This Centurion’s humble attitude enabled him to recognize Jesus’ authority, (Matthew 8:8b; 8:9)

B. He represented the emperor – Jesus represents God.

C. When the Centurion speaks it was like the emperor himself speaking. Therefore he knew when Jesus speaks it was like God Himself speaking.

3. Faith in action

A. The centurion acted out in faith, (Matthew 8:8)

B. He knew that the word of Christ and His authority is sufficient.

C. He believed Christ’s words before He saw His works.

4. Application

A. True faith is demonstrated in a humble approach to God. The account of the Syrophoenician woman confirms this principal, (Mark 7:25-30). Remember the first beatitude, (Matthew 5:3).

B. Belief in the authority of God’s Word and the sovereignty of God brings results. Jesus has given us the authority and control over our situations (Mark 6:7-13). We must exercise this authority.

C. God expects His children to act in faith. Faith without action is dead, (James 2:26)

D. Finally God wants His children to follow the above 3 steps in obedience, (Matthew 8:10-13). Jesus’ words in Matthew 8:10-13 must be interpreted in the remote contexts of,

Luke 6:46; Obedience matters. We should be doers of word.

Matthew 7:28-29; People were amazed when they saw Jesus’ authority. But they didn’t do anything about it.

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