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Free Christian PowerPoints by God Company

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One day a friend sent me an email with a PowerPoint slideshow attached to it. He wanted me to convert it and return to him as the old PowerPoint software installed in his computer was not capable of opening slideshows finished using PowerPoint 2007. I was amazed by it’s content – upon opening the file. I found a solid Bible study spread through a number of colorful slides. That’s how I found out about God Company.

God company is a classic example for using PowerPoint for teaching and preaching God’s word in the church and Christian community. Each slideshow is professionally designed, comes with a useful message. content is doctrinally/theologically reliable, colorful and use simple layman’s language. All the slideshows are available to the public free of charge through their dedicated slideshare channel.

There are 2 disadvantages however. First the slideshows are not available for direct download.  You have to submit a request via the form provided  by the author. He will send you the requested slideshow via email. Second, you have to provide your work email. If you provide a free email address like Gmail or Yahoo you have to wait longer. (These measures must have been taken to prevent the resources from ending up in the wrong hands). Given below are some of my favorite slideshows from God Company.  Visit God Company’s Slideshare channel.

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