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The blog posts in this category concern the contemporary issues that are in direct conflict with God’s Word and the Christian Church.

Five Christian responses to the Supreme Court’s decision on Gay Marriage

Five Christian responses to the Supreme Court’s decision on Gay marriage

The US Supreme Court’s decision to legalize gay marriage nationwide triggered mixed responses from Christian Communities across the country. When I read the various responses on the web I thought, “What will I do if this happened in my country?” Given below are 5 thoughts.

Practical Reasons for Tithing

Practical reasons for tithing

Last year in this blog I discussed the theological aspects of tithing (read them here and here if you missed). As those discussions went viral a small number of visitors expressed their feedback in favor of the practice while others charged me with falsehood.  Nevertheless, the truth must be taught and defended at all costs. So here I am opening the can of worms again. By the way, this article is intended for those who are in favor of tithing. If you are not in favor please leave without flooding my comment section with foolish arguments.

Swartz’s unmistakable message to the Church

Swartz’s unmistakable message to Christian leaders

There are two things in this world that young people are most attracted to. Sex and technology. Both are good but dangerous if handled unwisely. Aaron Swartz was fascinated by the latter. Unfortunately, his fascinations didn’t have limits.

Now Please take note that I don’t intend to judge Aaron in writing this article.I rather want to emphasize the fact that there are many brilliant minded people like Swartz who need to be taught to use their skills wisely, which is something only the Church is capable of doing. A good point to start with would be to identify and create an awareness of the 3 major mistakes Swartz made.

What does it mean to forgive and be forgiven?

What does it mean to forgive and be forgiven?

Forgiveness can be called one of the most  misinterpreted, misunderstood and malpracticed virtues in Christianity. Usually forgiveness involves two main individuals or even parties. The offendee and the offender. What does forgiveness mean to the offendee? What does being forgiven mean to the offender? We hope you will find this blog post useful in your personal life as well as in ministry.

Tithing: Questions and Answers

Tithing - Questions and Answers

I am writing this blog post in response to an email I received from Daniel Craig (not his real name) two days later I published my sermon on tithing. Daniel in his email made a sincere request that I take time to answer a couple of questions he has on tithing. Daniel, I am impressed by your desire to learn and do what is right. Below you will find answers to all of your questions.

Modeling Modesty at the Beach

Modeling modesty at the beach

I am Rachel Lee Carter and I have a passion for promoting modesty—so much so that I wrote a book on the topic. That may not sound strange, except that my career choice seems like an oxymoron in light of my passion. I am an international professional model and have been in the fashion industry for 20 years. I must admit, I am a proverbial clotheshorse, but I don’t let today’s styles dictate my convictions. 1 Timothy 2:9-10 states, “I also want the women to dress modestly, with decency and propriety (regard for spiritual things) …appropriate for women who profess to worship God.”

Six Bible Verses wrongly used to justify wrong Behavior

Six Bible Verses wrongly used to justify wrong Behavior.

People often use certain verses in the Bible wrongly to defend or and justify their wrong behavior. The number of references being misinterpreted this way is countless. Given below are my top picks and their correct interpretation.

A Strategic Defense against accidental exposure to Nudity and Porn

This post was updated on Thursday, November 5th, 2020

On July 25th, 1911 Bobby Leach suffered two broken knee caps and a fractured jaw when he went over the Niagara Falls in a Barrel. However, it’s not the injuries sustained from going over the Niagara Falls that killed him. In the year 1926 Leach injured his leg when he slipped on an orange peel. The leg became infected, and eventually, gangrene necessitated the amputation of the leg. Leach died of complications two months later.

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