Managing your church newsletter with MailChimp free edition

I will not take time to explain the importance of a church newsletter or why you should consider using an Email Marketing Solution. You are reading this because you already know why.According to a review by PC Magazine, there are at least 10 most popular Email Marketing Solutions. However, only MailChimp, BenchMark and VerticalResponse offers a free version. I prefer MailChimp for its easy to use User Interface. Maybe MailChimp is also the cheapest solution ($10/month). The free edition is for you if,

A. You are a new Church plant that doesn’t want to pay for an Email News Letter right away.

B. Monthly your church sends 12,000 or fewer emails to 2,000 subscribers or less than that. (A church with more than 2000 members can definitely afford a paid plan)

C. You are able to afford a paid plan. But you want to test drive MailChimp before upgrading.

The free plan lacks features like Automation, Spam Filter Diagnostics, Email Client Testing, Delivery by Time Zone, Social Profiles and Chat and email support. But I still feel this is a very generous offer to starters.

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