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Preparing for Water Baptism: Part III (Final)

This entry is part 3 of 3 in the series Lesson Series: Preparing for Water Baptism
Lesson series: Water baptism – Part 3 (Final)

This series of lessons is for people who want to know more about Baptism and be prepared for this step in their Christian walk. At the end of the study series, both the student and the teacher would decide if the student is ready to be baptized.

Sermon: Biblical Perspectives on Water Baptism

Sermon: Biblical perspectives on water baptism


Some form of water baptism is almost universally practiced in all religions. It is not distinctively Christian, although Jesus adopted it as a way of His followers’ identifying with Christianity. It has come to be more commonly identified with Christianity, some even believing it to be synonymous with salvation. But, just how important is water baptism? Let’s take a walk through scripture to see:

What does the Bible say about Speaking in Tongues? (Part I)

What does the Bible say about speaking in tongues? ~ Part I

Speaking with (or in) tongues is “the supernatural gift of speaking in another language without it having been learned.” The Greek word underlying this phrase is glossa, which means a tongue, either as the organ of the body or as a language. Hence, a modern theological term for speaking in tongues is glossolalia. Some modern translations render the KJV phrase “speak with other tongues” as “speak in foreign tongues” (Moffat), “speak in foreign languages” (Goodspeed), and “speak in different languages” (Phillips).

Sermon: Why does the Holy Spirit Baptism Matter?

Sermon: Why does the Holy Spirit Baptism Matter?


The Holy Spirit Baptism must not be confused with the initial regeneration work of the Holy Spirit, which takes place in a person that accepts Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. He can be regenerated and indwelt by the Holy Spirit, but miss the actual baptism.

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