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BPBible Portable: Free Portable Bible Study Software

BPBible Portable - Free portable Bible software

Although there are many iOS and Android Apps for Studying the Bible, it’s hard to say these apps are 100% portable for many reasons. For instance, copying a verse from your Smart Phone or the tablet into the Word Processor in your Laptop or PC actually, require an additional app and some extra effort. Which is why it’s always a good idea to take a Portable Bible Study Software in your iPod, USB flash drive or portable hard drive which you can run in Windows. One can argue why you need a portable version when you can install the software in a Laptop. The idea is a portable version doesn’t limit you to your own PC.

The NET Bible: A Brand New Translation and Free Software

Update: Apparently Bible.org has discontinued the free iOS app and the ePub version. The ePub version will cost you $4.95 now. The iOS and Android apps although free, require the OliveTree BibleReader Smartphone App to run (limited notes). The MS Word Version (noteless), modules for The Word, Sword Searcher and Sword Project can be still downloaded and remains free. Optionaly you can use the Lumina web app. 
The NET Bible: A Brand New Translation & Free Software

The NET Bible (New English Translation) is a completely new translation of the Holy Bible. One might argue why another translation there are more than 50 English translations already. You can find many noteworthy reasons in the official web site of the NET Bible but given below are three reasons why I like it.

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