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Sermon: Three things a Disciple of Christ must Renounce

Sermon: Three ingredients of Discipleship and the price we pay for being genuine disciples of Christ.


Christians love Chris Gayle for he talks about God, both in the field and at home. Unfortunately, however, he leads a questionable lifestyle that doesn’t fit the Bible-believing Christians. Then there’s Tatenda Taibu, the Zimbabwe wicketkeeper-batsman, who gave up Cricket, to work for the church. Taibu played 28 Tests and 150 ODIs for Zimbabwe and has quit aged only 29, usually a cricketer’s prime.

Free Microsoft PowerPoint Templates for Your Sunday School

Free Microsoft PowerPoint Templates for Your Sunday School Ministry

The upside to Microsoft PowerPoint

Microsoft PowerPoint has revolutionized the worlds of business, education, science, communication and also how we teach and preach in the church, swiftly becoming the standard for just about anyone who wants to explain just about anything to just about anybody else.”

The downside of Microsoft PowerPoint

There are many downsides to using Microsoft PowerPoint or any other presentation software. However, the most noticeable and the disturbing issue is our own lack of creativity.

Sermon: Principles of effective Christian Ministry

Sermon on Acts 16:16-34 | Principles of effective Christian Ministry


Jesus said that anyone who has faith in Him will do greater things than what Jesus did himself. The book of Acts is the report of early Christians who had faith to do these greater things that Jesus promised. Consequently, this historical information recorded in the book makes it a good source to learn about Christian ministry. In today’s sermon, I am going to present to you four principles that make Christian ministry effective as seen in Acts 16:16-34.

GraceLink Stories has Free animated Bible Lessons

If you frequently Google for Christian teaching and preaching resources you might know by now that resources high in quality and free at the same time are very difficult to come by. This is why we blog about other useful resources whenever we find them.

The YouTube channel of ‘GraceLink Stories’ is one such rare resource and I am sure Sunday School teachers will love it. Right now it features 89 bible based animated cartoons. Each video clip starts with a memory verse and is followed by a corresponding lesson. Watch the video Embed below to find out more.

3 beautiful Christian PowerPoint templates for free

I found these 3 beautiful Christian PowerPoint templates in the Microsoft Office website.

1. Jesus and the Samaritan woman (Download page)

Mary and Martha

Sermon: Four Phases of the Christian Life

Sermon: Four phases of the Christian Life


Different people have different ideas about what the Christian life is all about. The politicians see us as “the religious right” to be courted or ridiculed. The liberals see us as “fanatic fundamentalists” who take a good thing to extremes. Even among ourselves, there are differing attitudes as to what is involved in living the Christian life. I believe the normal Christian life goes through four phases.

Christian Magic Tricks to illustrate Biblical Truths

Christian Magic tricks to illustrate biblical truths

When I was a teenager, I watched a Pastor illustrating why Jesus had to die. He started with a pure white rope and said man’s relationship with God was used to be like that before he sinned.

Then he pulled from his pocket a pair of scissors and cut the rope into two. He likened the pair of scissors to sin and said man’s relationship with God was severed when he sinned, just like the rope.

Download Free Biblical and Christian images from VisualBibleAlive.com

Free Biblical and Christian images from VisualBibleAlive.com

In display above is a picture of “The Pillar of Absalom” in the Kidron Valley (2 Samuel 18:18) downloaded from VisualBibleAlive.com, a huge searchable database of free Biblical and Christian images. (Photos, Paintings, Drawings, Etchings, Engravings, Works of art, Hymn and chorus backgrounds, Presentation elements etc.) All the images are of hi-resolution. Each image has a Encyclopedia entry as well as a list of related Bible verses. The watermark on the preview images are not found in the images downloaded.

Visit VisualBibleAlive [Website Discontinued]
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