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Sermon: Three things a Disciple of Christ must Renounce

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Christians love Chris Gayle for he talks about God, both in the field and at home. Unfortunately, however, he leads a questionable lifestyle that doesn’t fit the Bible-believing Christians. Then there’s Tatenda Taibu, the Zimbabwe wicketkeeper-batsman, who gave up Cricket, to work for the church. Taibu played 28 Tests and 150 ODIs for Zimbabwe and has quit aged only 29, usually a cricketer’s prime.

Sermon: Principles of effective Christian Ministry


Jesus said that anyone who has faith in Him will do greater things than what Jesus did himself. The book of Acts is the report of early Christians who had faith to do these greater things that Jesus promised. Consequently, this historical information recorded in the book makes it a good source to learn about Christian ministry. In today’s sermon, I am going to present to you four principles that make Christian ministry effective as seen in Acts 16:16-34. [Image: Marnie Pix]

Sermon: Four Phases of the Christian Life

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Different people have different ideas about what the Christian life is all about. The politicians see us as “the religious right” to be courted or ridiculed. The liberals see us as “fanatic fundamentalists” who take a good thing to extremes. Even among ourselves, there are people with differing attitudes as to what is involved in living the Christian life. I believe the normal Christian life goes through four phases. [A sermon by Dr. Arnold Lastinger. Used with permission.]

Sermon Notes: How to influence our world for Jesus Christ?

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In these passages, St. Paul is encouraging the believers of Philippi to apply their faith in Christ to their social life. It is clear that God’s intention is that believers should have an active influence for good in society (See Matthew 5:16). If we avoid society by locking ourselves into a round of safe Christian activities and meetings, we cannot influence our world for God.

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