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Sermon: Christians and Committing Suicide

Sermon: Christians and Committing Suicide.


Paul was facing death at the hands of the Roman government. It would not have been a self-imposed death except that he could probably have escaped it by denying his faith in Christ. In Philippians 1:21-27 he discusses his ambivalent feelings about life and death. In a small measure, Maurice (not his real name) must have felt similar feelings. [A sermon by Dr. Arnold Lastinger. Published with Permission]

Sermon Notes: The Privileges and Responsibilities of every Christian

Low angle view of a cross against the night sky.


If you are a new Christian, you may be puzzled and perhaps a little afraid of this new kind of life you have started. This is only natural, for you are like a baby that has just been born into the world. It takes a baby many years to learn all about life, with its responsibilities and difficulties. And the step you have taken in receiving Jesus Christ as your Saviour and Lord is not the end – it is a gateway to a whole new life.

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