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Five Christian responses to the Supreme Court’s decision on Gay Marriage

Five Christian responses to the Supreme Court’s decision on Gay marriage

The US Supreme Court’s decision to legalize gay marriage nationwide triggered mixed responses from Christian Communities across the country. When I read the various responses on the web I thought, “What will I do if this happened in my country?” Given below are 5 thoughts.

Swartz’s unmistakable message to the Church

Swartz’s unmistakable message to Christian leaders

There are two things in this world that young people are most attracted to. Sex and technology. Both are good but dangerous if handled unwisely. Aaron Swartz was fascinated by the latter. Unfortunately, his fascinations didn’t have limits.

Now Please take note that I don’t intend to judge Aaron in writing this article.I rather want to emphasize the fact that there are many brilliant minded people like Swartz who need to be taught to use their skills wisely, which is something only the Church is capable of doing. A good point to start with would be to identify and create an awareness of the 3 major mistakes Swartz made.

How your church can use the power of Facebook!

How your church can use the power of Facebook!

If someone doesn’t have a Facebook account these days, it’s kind of a big deal. I can’t remember what I did before Facebook. It’s almost a necessity these days. A lot of people would disagree with that statement but it’s all about how you see it. I keep in contact with friends all around the world.

Send Electronic Church Newsletters with MailChimp for Free

Managing your church newsletter with MailChimp free edition

I will not take time to explain the importance of a church newsletter or why you should consider using an Email Marketing Solution. You are reading this because you already know why.According to a review by PC Magazine, there are at least 10 most popular Email Marketing Solutions. However, only MailChimp, BenchMark and VerticalResponse offers a free version. I prefer MailChimp for its easy to use User Interface. Maybe MailChimp is also the cheapest solution ($10/month). The free edition is for you if,

Free Children’s Sermons from Sermons4Kids

Sermons 4 Kids

Preaching to children is a much challenging task than preaching to the everyday adult which is why every Children’s Church Pastor will be happy to know about Sermons4Kids. Sermons are organized by different categories such as Old Testament sermons, New Testament sermons, Sermons for Holidays and special occasions, etc. Each sermon comes with many extras such as Coloring pages, Group Activities, and Puzzles to help children to apply the truth. All the sermons are available in both English and Spanish. A free subscription is available if you are interested. They even have an app for iOS and Android-driven devices.

Visit Sermons4Kids
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Web Hosting for Churches & FlockHosting will host your Church Website for Free

Web Hosting for Churches & FlockHosting will host your church website for free

If you have followed this blog closely you may remember my how-to article on setting up a Church blog with WordPress. You can read it here if you missed it. In it, I also discussed choosing a Web Host in brief. Although Hosting costs have decreased very much over time some churches will find it difficult to invest in web hosting. (especially if you are talking about a fresh church plant) Gladly while doing research for this post I came across two companies that offer to host church websites for free, (well, I found more but the ones mentioned here were worth an introduction)

How to use WordPress for setting up a Church Blog?

How to use WordPress to setup a church blog?

I was introduced to blogging through a tech column it sounded like a useless idea, which I quickly and impatiently dismissed thinking ‘who wants to maintain an online journal?’ For me, the concept was far less than practical.

3 years later I felt God’s calling in my life. I Left home to enroll in Bible college and graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Theology in the year 2006. I was very passionate about sharing God’s word with the masses and had a lot to share. But the entire year went by without a single opportunity to preach.

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