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Installing ChurchInfo Desktop Edition

Splash Screen

If you don’t know what ChurchInfo is, it’s a web-based, open source, Church Management software originally developed to be deployed in Linux driven web servers so that the authorized users could access it from anywhere, any time. Not all churches are capable of handling a web server which is why last year I wrote a tutorial on installing ChurchInfo in a Windows PC and it’s receiving a wide array of attention ever since.  Though Installing in a PC is a fairly easy process, some of our readers ran into errors when they attempted the installation.

How to install ChurchInfo in a Windows based Computer?

How to install ChurchInfo in a Windows based Computer

This is how I found out about ChurchInfo. Recently we decided that our church membership information must be computerized and as usual I was asked to do the job. However, none of the commercial Church Management Software I came across could fit into our budget. Then I googled to see whether any free and open-source applications are available.

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