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Sermon: Joseph the Father after God’s own Heart

Father and the Daughter on the Beach.


This Father’s Day I want us to consider the life of Joseph. Although we meet many noteworthy fathers in the Bible, only Joseph was given the privilege of being the father to the only child the Bible calls holy. Scriptures don’t talk about Joseph much. But I noted three characteristics that convinced me Joseph was a “Father after God’s own heart.” Join me tonight to find out these characteristics and how we can become fathers worthy of being called the same.

Valentine’s Day Sermon: Loving One Another

Picture of two men and one woman sitting next to each other for the Valentine's Day Sermon in the year 2012


As the disciples were competing for higher positions in the Messianic Kingdom it was only a matter of time before the enemy will take control, disrupt their fellowship cause disunity and cripple Jesus’ plan. Our Lord was aware of this situation when He told them to love one another. Even as Valentine’s Day is around the corner join me to find out what it really means to love one another.

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