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Sermon: God’s Spiritual Formula for Comfort

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The keyword of this paragraph is found in the twelfth verse. It says, ‘people took the young man home alive and were greatly comforted

Illustration: It’s common practice to use Paracetamol in case of a headache because it brings instant comfort. How cum these tiny pills are capable of bringing comfort to such a complicated unit like the human body? What you see is only a tiny single pill. Yet each pill is the combination of three powerful ingredients capable of relieving pain, put together using a scientific formula.

Likewise in Acts 20:7-12, we find a spiritual formula of three biblical ingredients that comforted the Troasians in the moment of a great disaster. Namely God’s word, fellowship with the church family, and God’s presence. Let’s take a detailed look.

Sermon Notes: Jesus raises Jairus’ Daughter

Photo of a little girl in a field of flowers with her back turned to the Camera.


Someone said, “I bet the Funeral Parlors in Jesus’ day just about went broke. Anywhere Jesus went, the dead were being raised.” Jesus probably raised many people from the dead during his earthly ministry, although the Bible records only three of them.

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