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Free Modules for e-Sword and MySword

Modules for eSword and MySword

If you use e-Sword or the Android app MySword for studying the Bible this post is for you. Today I am introducing you to a website from which you can download free modules for e-Sword and MySword.

Introduction to Software Modules

The term ‘Module’ has several definitions. But in this context, a module is another piece of software that extends the functionality of the eSword and MySword Software. For example, if you need access to a specific version of the Bible that is not built into eSword (or MySword) you can use a Module to add that translation.

e-Sword: The Best Free Software for Studying the Bible

e-Sword – The best Bible Study Software

Obviously, e-Sword may not be the best Bible Study Software. But many Christians will agree, that e-Sword beats all the other free downloads. In today’s blog post I want to write down five features that make e-Sword stand out from the rest.

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