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Get a Professional Grade Church Website for Free

Get a professional grade church website for Free.

Although you can present one thousand one reasons to your pastor why the church needs a website the cost factor can make convincing him next to impossible. You can always ask his 16-year-old to put together a website using some WYSIWYG editor but chances are high the output will be far less than your expectations. Besides a cheap-looking website is worse than no website at all. If you need a professional-looking website you need a professional designer to finish the job.

Free Worship Backgrounds and Video Loops from Worship Backgrounds for Free

In August 2012 when we bought our first multimedia projector we had no doubt that motion backgrounds and video loops will add a lot of color to our worship services. Therefore, as usual, we searched the web which returned many free resources but they were of very poor quality. The official website of EasyWorship has a huge collection of high-quality items at very affordable rates but didn’t want to buy them because we don’t make payments online unless it’s really necessary.

Free Microsoft PowerPoint Templates for Your Sunday School

Free Microsoft PowerPoint Templates for Your Sunday School Ministry

The upside to Microsoft PowerPoint

Microsoft PowerPoint has revolutionized the worlds of business, education, science, communication and also how we teach and preach in the church, swiftly becoming the standard for just about anyone who wants to explain just about anything to just about anybody else.”

The downside of Microsoft PowerPoint

There are many downsides to using Microsoft PowerPoint or any other presentation software. However, the most noticeable and the disturbing issue is our own lack of creativity.

Preparing for Water Baptism: Part III (Final)

This entry is part 3 of 3 in the series Lesson Series: Preparing for Water Baptism
Lesson series: Water baptism – Part 3 (Final)

This series of lessons is for people who want to know more about Baptism and be prepared for this step in their Christian walk. At the end of the study series, both the student and the teacher would decide if the student is ready to be baptized.

X3Watch: Free internet accountability software

X3Watch: The Free Internet Porn Accountability Software

1. What is X3Watch?

It’s one of the few Internet Porn Accountability Software in the Market. Imagine I am struggling with Porn. With X3Watch I can have an accountability partner (or partners) who are sent copies of the web pages I look at. The idea is that if I know the accountability partner will be keeping track of my Internet usage, I am less likely to visit sites that he will not approve.

Subscribe to Word@Work to receive Daily Devotionals

Receive free daily devotionals in your email inbox from Word@Work

No matter how busy we are. We always have time to check mail every morning. Although we may think we don’t have time to read the bible. Which is why I think Word@Work is a very smart idea. Word@Work delivers short devotionals to your email inbox every morning so that your busy schedule doesn’t get between you and your daily dosage of God’s word.

Free Video and Audio Bible Studies from TV Bible study

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]oday I want to introduce to you “TV Bible Study”. This website has a free 1 year Audio and Video Bible study course. In contrast to the Video Teaching website, this one has a quite boring design and a traditional way of presentation. But I think it serves a great purpose.

Free worship backgrounds and video loops from Motion Backgrounds for Free

Although there are many web sites that sell Worship Backgrounds, a church with a slim budget may not want to pay for these while others might not like to share credit card details with a third party web site. YouTube is a good source for free Worship Backgrounds but the YouTube watermark in the videos will always get on your way.

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