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Sermon: How to discern God’s Will? Part 2

This entry is part 2 of 2 in the series Sermon Series: How to discern God’s will?
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More than a year has passed since my last sermon. It was also 26 months ago I published Part 1 of this 2 Part Sermon Series. In that, I shared four questions to ask when you feel confused and unable to discern God’s will when making an important decision. Today we will consider the last four questions. 

Sermon: Moving with God’s Plan


God’s purpose to raise the nation of Israel followed an amazing plan that involved three major nations called Hebrews, Egyptians, and Canaanites and many individuals like Abraham, Joseph, his brothers, Epiphany’s wife, the Egyptian king’s cup bearer, the Pharaoh, and his daughter, Moses, and Aaron, Joshua and Caleb and Rahab the prostitute (to name a few).

Sermon: How do I abide in God’s Word?

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There are more Bibles in print today than ever before. The Bible continues to be the best-selling and the most translated book in the world. Yet a Bible that eats dust on a shelf is worthless. Believers who suffer from spiritual malnutrition are people who don’t read their Bibles. The Bible carries God’s inspired word. Therefore it should be every believer’s first priority to feed on God’s word. Jesus called this “abiding”. How do I abide in God’s word? [This sermon is based on The Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren]

Sermon: God’s Three Needs

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God is sovereign and acts sovereign. The dictionary defines the term “sovereign” as “One that exercises supreme, permanent authority.” He doesn’t need our help, opinion, or permission to move. But in Abraham’s intercessory prayer for Sodom and Gomorrah, we find that God has three needs and only his people are capable of meeting them. [A sermon preached by Rev. Michael Dissanayake]

Sermon: How to wait for God’s appointed time?

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For this particular sermon, I have chosen the example of a mother pregnant with a Baby. A baby is not born overnight. Once conceived a baby takes at least ten months before being formed into the fullness and ready to see the light of this world. In the meantime, the mother has to wait patiently and take great care of her unborn, until the time appointed for the birth will come to pass. The bible says that God also has an appointed time for everything.

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