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What does the Bible say about Speaking in Tongues? (Part I)

What does the Bible say about speaking in tongues? ~ Part I

Speaking with (or in) tongues is “the supernatural gift of speaking in another language without it having been learned.” The Greek word underlying this phrase is glossa, which means a tongue, either as the organ of the body or as a language. Hence, a modern theological term for speaking in tongues is glossolalia. Some modern translations render the KJV phrase “speak with other tongues” as “speak in foreign tongues” (Moffat), “speak in foreign languages” (Goodspeed), and “speak in different languages” (Phillips).

Sermon: Why the Pentecostal Movement Exploded?

Pentecost Sunday Sermon: Why the Pentecostal Movement Exploded?


In a New Year’s Eve watch night service on December 31, 1900, a group of 40 Bible school students gathered in Topeka, Kansas to pray for God to fill them with the Holy Spirit as He did in the book of Acts. Dissatisfied with the powerless Christianity they had seen, they had concluded that there was no reason that God would not fill believers today in the same way He had done in the first century.

Sermon: The Anointing of God

Sermon: The anointing of God


The current revival that is sweeping the world speaks a great deal about “the anointing of God.” The term raises several questions. In this message, I want to attempt to answer some of those questions.

Sermon: Why does the Holy Spirit Baptism Matter?

Sermon: Why does the Holy Spirit Baptism Matter?


The Holy Spirit Baptism must not be confused with the initial regeneration work of the Holy Spirit, which takes place in a person that accepts Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. He can be regenerated and indwelt by the Holy Spirit, but miss the actual baptism.

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