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Sermon: Jesus walks on Water

A photo of Christ the Redeemer covered in Clouds during the day.


Like any other account in the Bible, this story also must be interpreted in its own context in order to understand the author’s original intentions. The story unfolds followed by a messianic uproar, (John 6:15). In response, Jesus immediately sent his disciples away while he dismissed the crowd and went up to a mountainside by himself to pray.

Why did Jesus evade such a good opportunity? Being the king of Jews sure sounds impressive.  That was not his mission, however. God’s plan for him was to suffer and die so that we shall be saved. Likewise, God has a plan for each one of us. He wants us to stick to the plan before he can bless us. This chapter teaches us three important principles about honoring the divine plan.

Sermon: Peter and the Miraculous catch of Fish

Sermon: Peter and the miraculous catch of fish


All of us face problems in this lifetime. Most of them are issues we can control. But sometimes we face ones that are beyond our control. Two thousand years ago a fisherman called Peter had such a problem too. One night Peter and his friends tried every tool and trick of the trade – but didn’t catch a single fish. The next morning he met Jesus who seemed to control even mother nature. Peter followed his instructions and caught a great load of fish in the broad daylight.

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