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PowerPoint Slides (Featured Image)

MS PowerPoint Slides for Sermon Notes on Numbers 13 & 14

These are companion slides for my sermon notes on Numbers 13 & 14 titled Positive Attitudes & why it matters in Christian Life and Ministry. Please download the archive and extract the content using your favorite File Compression Software. Install the fonts (included) before opening the file in Microsoft PowerPoint.

Slides for Preaching from Numbers Chapters 13 & 14
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Sermon Notes: Why Positive Attitudes matter in Life and Ministry?

Sermon notes: The importance of Positive Attitudes in Christian Life and Ministry


Two Prisoners looked out from their Prison Cell one night. One saw mud while the other saw stars. Both were in the same cell. Both were Prisoners. Both looked out at the same time. What made the difference? Their attitudes. One who saw the stars had a positive attitude. The one who saw mud had a negative attitude. The story is a classic example of the vast degree of the difference our attitudes can make in our circumstances. 

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