A photo of a molecule model with reflection on a dark surrounding.


From Peter preaching a sermon that saw the salvation of 3,000 souls in chapter 2 to the apostle Paul landing ashore on the island of Malta after miraculously surviving a deadly shipwreck in chapter 28, the book of Acts is full of powerful supernatural incidents. Tonight I want us to look at one such incident and that is St. Paul raising Eutychus from the dead. The key verse and the keyword of this paragraph which is also the basis for my message tonight are found in the twelfth verse. The NLT renders it as:

Meanwhile, the young man was taken home alive and well, and everyone was greatly relieved.

New Living Translation

Speaking of physical relief I want to use Paracetamol as an illustration. It’s common practice to use Paracetamol in case of a headache because it brings instant relief. How cum these tiny pills capable of bringing relief to such a complicated unit like the human body? What you see is only a tiny single pill. Yet each pill is the combination of three powerful ingredients capable of relieving pain, put together using a scientific formula.

However, scientific formulas cannot always help us with our physical and emotional calamities. This is why in Acts 20:7-12, God has given us a spiritual formula of three biblical ingredients that were in the life of Eutychus. They are having a hunger for God’s Word, seek fellowship with God’s people, and remain in God’s presence. They brought relief to Troans at a moment of a great disaster. Tonight, let’s consider these ingredients in detail.