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Applied Theology: The Amazing Grace of God (Part 1)

This entry is part 1 of 3 in the series Applied Theology: The amazing Grace of God
Applied Theology: The Amgazing Grace of God ~ Part I

Grace is the most important doctrine of the Christian faith. It is the cornerstone of Christianity. It certainly makes sense to create widespread awareness of the doctrine because there will be no Christianity without it. Which is why I was compelled to write this series. Kindly see this is not a 100% systematic study of the Doctrine of Grace. It’s just an effort to explain the doctrine in layman’s terms and its importance to us.

Sermon: Four benefits of Redemption

Sermon: Four Benefits of redemption


This is the only text that in four consecutive leading words presents the complete view of Christ’s redemptive work. Let us see.

Sermon Notes: 4 Important Truths about Redemption

Sermon notes: 4 important truths about Redemption


The believers in the early church belonged to three social groups. Slaves, former slaves and people who were born free. Slaves in the Roman Empire were always not slaves. They were forced into slavery by the circumstances of life. By the time the New Testament Church was formed however the slave community of Rome consisted mostly of people that were born into slavery.

Like any human being, slaves also desired to be free. Therefore at times, they ran away from their masters, in search of everlasting freedom. According to Roman Law, however, a runaway slave was still a slave. Running away did not set him free. Not legally. In fact, he had to keep on running to avoid capture by his master and it was only a matter of time until he was captured. Under Roman law, a slave had to meet one out of three conditions in order to receive his freedom.

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