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Sermon notes: The necessity for Faith and Works in the Salvation of Man

Sermon notes: The necessity for faith and works in the salvation of Man


I have been preaching God’s word for the past 20 years. However, I believe the sermon you are going to hear from me today is the most important sermon I will preach ever. I tell you so because it concerns the eternal salvation of our precious soul. It’s based on a question many Christians seem to struggle with. Is faith alone sufficient to be saved or should faith be accompanied by works?

Sermon: Four benefits of Redemption

A photo of unlocked handcuffs.


This is the only text that in four consecutive leading words presents the complete view of Christ’s redemptive work. Let us see. [Taken from How to Prepare Sermons by William Evans]

Sermon Notes: The Gospel and its Supernatural Power

Sermon Notes: The Supernatural Power in the Gospel of Jesus Christ


Research indicates that 80% of evangelicals in the US know they are called to evangelize, but 61% have admitted to not having a spiritual conversation with anyone for the past six months. Although church leaders often introduce fresh methods to solve the problem, actually our hesitation to evangelize rests on our unawareness of the supernatural power of the gospel.

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