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10 Websites for downloading free Sermon Videos, Audios and Notes

10 web sites for downloading free sermon videos, audios and notes

Today I want to share with you a few websites from which you can download useful ministry resources such as sermon manuscripts, outlines, audio, and videos. Also check the previously introduced CARM, VideoTeaching.com and Sermon Note Book.

Free Children’s Sermons from Sermons4Kids

Sermons 4 Kids

Preaching to children is a much challenging task than preaching to the everyday adult which is why every Children’s Church Pastor will be happy to know about Sermons4Kids. Sermons are organized by different categories such as Old Testament sermons, New Testament sermons, Sermons for Holidays and special occasions, etc. Each sermon comes with many extras such as Coloring pages, Group Activities, and Puzzles to help children to apply the truth. All the sermons are available in both English and Spanish. A free subscription is available if you are interested. They even have an app for iOS and Android-driven devices.

Visit Sermons4Kids
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Sermon Notes: The Psalm that the Devil can Quote

Sermon notes: The Psalm that the Devil can quote


While Psalm 23 (which I covered here) is definitely the most popular Psalm of all, surveys prove Psalm 91 is among the 50 favorite passages of many Christians. Hilariously, some call it the Psalm that the devil can quote because the devil actually quoted it when he tempted Jesus.

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