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Faith Life Study Bible

Introducing the Faithlife Study Bible

As a preacher and an expositor of the Bible I need frequent access to solid reference material and software tools. eSword, MySword and the Expositor’s Bible Commentary by Zondervan Publishers are some of the software tools and reference material I use very often. In addition to these, I Google the net for any new tools that might have been introduced so that I can add them to my collection.

Today I want to introduce you to the Faithlife Study Bible by Logos Bible Software, the latest addition to my collection. I already used it to construct a couple of sermons and although it has been designed with small groups in mind I am quite happy what I could accomplish with it as a preacher. Presented below is an introductory video clip about the new software.

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What does the Bible say about using Prated Software? Part II (Final)

What does the Bible say about using pirated software? (Part II)

Although all of us fear legal repercussions of software piracy, the majority of us are don’t bother about the spiritual repercussions. In this episode, I want to mention a few.

What does the Bible say about using Pirated Software? (Part I)

What does the Bible say about using pirated software? ~ Part I

When the Computer became a standard Electronic Equipment in business, home, and even Church, software piracy and using pirated software also became a widespread issue either because the consumer couldn’t afford legitimate software or didn’t want to spend on software as much as he spends on hardware.

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