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Sermon: The Gain of the World and the Loss of the Soul

Person in a Beige top on a Mountain Cliff.


We should be careful to note the two things here contrasted. It does not necessarily mean the gaining of the present and the loss of the future, for those who lose the future do not necessarily get the most out of the present. Nor does it mean that in order to gain the future we must lose the present – for those who gain the future really get the best out of this life too. [Taken from How to Prepare Sermons by William Evans]

Sermon notes: Six reasons why Soul Winning Matters?

A photo of a man preaching the Gospel.


Many people today say, “Why should I win souls?” “Isn’t the preacher supposed to do that?” Yes! He is but so is every Christian. There are six basic reasons why every Christian ought to win souls.

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