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Sermon Notes: Jesus raises a Widow’s Son in Nain

Woman Statue near, a cross in a cemetery during daytime.


Today I want to consider another woman we meet in the Bible. She doesn’t have a name but we know she was a widow from Nain (A village located 14 kilometers south of Nazareth) whose only son had died. Death had taken away her only source of hope, strength as well as protection. There was nothing she could do about it but weep bitterly. But then something unexpected happened. A stranger she met told her not to weep. The rest is history.

Sermon notes: Elisha and the Widow with a Jar of Olive Oil

Sermon notes: Elisha and the Widow


James Dobson tells the true story of a little toddler named Frankie. He was a handful, to say the least. One day he pulled a chair over to the front window of his house, and carefully placed it inside the drapes. He was standing there staring out at the world when his mother came looking for him. She spied his little white legs protruding beneath the drapes, and quietly slipped in behind him to see what he was doing. She got there just to hear him say to himself in very somber terms, “I’ve GOT to get out of here!”

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