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Sermon: A Samaritan Woman’s Encounter with Jesus

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Many years ago a young man who sought supernatural intervention for his problems, walked into a Hindu Temple, hoping to receive the favor of the gods that the temple was dedicated for. While he was there he heard an audible voice, which said: “You have come to the wrong place.” He realized this is indeed the Lord Jesus speaking to him. Talk about an encounter! He immediately left that temple and a few days later joined a church in his neighborhood. Long story short, he dedicated his life to service to God and led many people to Christ.

Sermon: The Woman that touched Jesus’ Garment

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Surely every person desires to possess inner peace and security. There are many factors in life that may rob us of such peace. Sickness is one of these factors. It is difficult to maintain inner peace when one is plagued by serious illness. The mind is filled with uncertainty and despair. [Taken from “Ministry Principals and Church Planting – Module II” by Gerald Rowlands]

Sermon Notes: The Wealthy Shunammite Woman’s Faith

Sermon Notes: The Faith of a Shunammite Woman


A common sponge activity among new bye preachers when they want to preach about faith is to ask the congregation  “How many of you have got faith?” The question actually doesn’t make sense because there’s no such thing as “people who have faith” and “people who don’t have faith.”  The truth is that everyone puts their faith in something. A much more sensible way of asking this question would be to ask them “On whom or what or where do you have placed your faith today?”

Sermon Notes: Lessons from the Syrophoenician Woman

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In the Bible, we meet several gentiles who were helped by God. Among them, the account of the Syrophoenician woman is quite significant because of her conversation with Jesus. Today there’s a lot of talk going around as to why Jesus made such a rude statement. Our attention, however, should be on her clever reply because in it there are some strong lessons for us. Let’s see what her statement meant to Jesus and what are its implications for us.

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