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Sermon: How to be doers of God’s Word?

Photo of a man reading his bible while standing.


A man walking into church late asked one of the ushers, “Is the sermon done yet?” The usher replied, “The sermon has been preached, but it has yet to be done.” What an answer! The word of God is not just meant to be preached. It’s meant to be practiced. It’s not just meant to be delivered, it’s meant to be done! The book of James gives us a step-by-step procedure?

Sermon: How do I abide in God’s Word?

Rosary on an English Standard Version Bible.


There are more Bibles in print today than ever before. The Bible continues to be the best-selling and the most translated book in the world. Yet a Bible that eats dust on a shelf is worthless. Believers who suffer from spiritual malnutrition are people who don’t read their Bibles. The Bible carries God’s inspired word. Therefore it should be every believer’s first priority to feed on God’s word. Jesus called this “abiding”. How do I abide in God’s word? [This sermon is based on The Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren]

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