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New Year Sermon: Three Eternal Truths to Live by in 2012

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On the night of 31st December 2011, even as we gathered at the church to say goodbye to the year 2011 I pondered, “what does it mean to step into a brand new year?” I remembered 3 things.

Sermon: Overcoming Challenges to achieve the Goals of Year 2011

New Year Sermon 2011: Overcoming challenges to achieve the goals of the new year


Joshua chapter 3 tells us that Joshua along with the nation of Israel crossed the flood-swollen river of Jordan. These people had one major goal in their minds. To capture the city of Jericho (a militarily important target) which will prepare the way to conquer the promised land. There was a challenge, however. The current of the Jordan is very swift at Jericho. Besides, it was the harvest season and the melting snow in the Lebanon mountains caused the river to overflow.

New Year Sermon: An old Challenge for a New Year

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2009 is over. 2010 is here. As we stand here at the beginning of a New Year it is a good time to reflect on the year that is ending and look forward to the year that is soon to begin. It is also a good time for God’s people to take inventory of their walk with the Lord. We should take a very close look at where we are in our relationship with Him. We need to examine ourselves and see where we have been, where we are, and where the Lord wants us to be. This passage gives us the opportunity and the challenge to do just that.

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