Dirty Girls Ministries - Help for women porn addicts

Porn has always been a men’s problem or we thought. The Telegraph reports in the UK alone at least 17% of women are addicted to porn. Unfortunately, porn was so much considered to be a men’s problem, support and counseling for women porn addicts are hard to come by. Even in the Church because while the church has been slow to minister to male porn addicts; women have been completely ignored.

Thankfully now there’s a ministry called Dirty Girls. The sole purpose of Dirty Girls Ministries is to help women porn addicts to come out of their addiction through the power of Christ. The ministry was founded by author and speaker Crystal Renaud in February 2009, following a data-collecting web campaign for one of her books. Within just a matter of weeks, she received over 300 surveys from women across the nation – proving not only women can be porn addicts, but that the number of such women is growing at fast phase and they are desperately in need of help. When Crystal realized the problem was bigger than just a book she launched this ministry to help women porn addicts across the nation as well as around the world. Visit their official web site for more information.

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