In my article about the GotQuestions web site, I stressed the importance of using reliable web sites when conducting online research about the Christian faith. Today we will look at “Real Truth Real Quick” on YouTube. The show is hosted by Rick Smith (Director, Digital Ministry) and Todd Wagner (Senior Pastor, WaterMark Church – Dallas, USA).

03 quick reasons why you will want to recommend “Real Truth Real Quick” to your Christian friends and Church leaders.

A. Quick and Accurate

You will get your answer in 5 minutes or less. Answers are biblical, doctrinal, theologically sound, clear and to the point.

B. Audio and Visual

You can watch your answer instead of reading it. If you get bored when reading lengthy articles, this is the place for you.

C. Experienced Hosts

The hosts are professionals with years of experience in the area of pastoral and teaching ministry.

Visit Real Truth Real Quick
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