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Sermon: Lessons from Naaman

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Text: 2 Kings 1:5-19


What can we learn from Naman’s miracle

1.  Needs are a part of God’s plan for me, 2 Kings 5:1-8

  • God is aware of our needs
  • He has allowed them to be a part of life.
  • So that we may seek true God
  • Naman had his own beliefs, but non of his god’s could cure him.

2.  God doesn’t care about positions, 2 Kings 5:9-10

  • Naman exhibited his wealth, fame and power. But Elisha didn’t care.
  • Naman  expected  a warm welcome  from  the  prophet,  but he was ignored.
  • The swollen headed cannot see God.

3.  God shows mercy to the humble hearted, 2 Kings 5:11-14

  • Only the child like (not childish), will see the kingdom of God, Matthew 19:13-15
  • Jordan was a dirty river.
  • Elisha ordered Naman to dip himself seven times in river of Jordan.
  • God shows mercy to the humble.

4.  You can never pay back to God, 2 Kings 5:15-19

  • Elisha rejected Naman’s rewards.
  • But Naman got converted.
  • We can not pay back to God, for what he has done. We can only but  follow  him.

5. Application and conclusion

  • We come to know God because of our needs that others cannot meet.
  • God shows mercy to the humble, regardless of caste, class and ethnic group.
  • If you have encountered God today, choose to follow him whole heartedly.

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