David of Michelangelo


In my previous sermon, we observed David running for his life. Saul made several attempts on David’s life but failed because David always depended on God. Tonight we will consider David coming to the point of his life where he felt he cannot run anymore and foolishly decided to take matters to his own hands. The aftermath of David’s decision has three important lessons for all of us.

Read 1 Samuel 27:1-12

(1) David fell short of God’s Will

(A) David did not consult God before fleeing to Philistia. But he felt safe in that foreign land than he did in his own land. He became a wealthy man.

(B) Little he knew the sense of protection and the wealth he enjoyed were obtained through means unpleasant to God.

(C) Material prosperity and peace of mind doesn’t always mean we live within God’s will. We can have all we need and still be short of His will.

(2) David presumed he was Right

(A) David presumed he had God’s approval to destroy the Geshurites, the Girzites and the Amalekites because they were enemies of Israel.

(B) He was known for fighting wars for God’s honor. Now he was fighting wars for nothing but profit.

(C) To presume that everything done in God’s name bears his stamp of approval is a horrible mistake to make.

(3) David was still on the Run

(A) David went to great lengths to conceal the murders from the philistines and the looting he carried out in the foreign land.

(B) He wasn’t running from Saul anymore. Now he was running from the truth and almost went to war against his own people.

(C) We can run from the truth but we can’t hide. It soon caught up with David in chapter 27 which we will consider in the next sermon.


(A) Search your life and ministry regularly to affirm you are in agreement with God’s will. Especially in times of great prosperity and peace of mind.

(B) You cannot presume God’s approval or feel it. Always run your agendas by God’s word. Then only you will know whether you have God’s approval or not.

(C) Search your life and ministry for even the small areas of deception. Confess and pray that God will give you grace to break free from the bondage.

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