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Sermon: Why life is incomplete without Jesus?

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  • Today people wonder what the real meaning of life is.
  • To them life is nothing but a one big Jigsaw puzzle.
  • Every piece fits together but still there is a one missing piece.
  • Nothing seems to be fitting into that empty space.
  • The big picture called life is not complete until he finds the missing piece.

Text: John 8:32

Where is that missing piece?

1. There are no substitutes.

A. Toiling cannot replace the missing piece.

B. Relationships cannot replace it.

C. Nothing on this earth is the solution.

2. No religion is a solution

A. Man has been in search of God since the prehistoric era.

B. There are more than 18,000 religions in the world.

C. But still the puzzle is not solved.

3. All of man’s efforts have led into frustration

A. Alexander the great thought he conquered the entire world.

B. He was frustrated when there was no more land for him to conquer.

C. Today Sri Lanka has scored a world record in the area of suicide rates.

4. Jesus is the missing piece

A. Without Jesus your life is an incomplete picture.

B. A relationship with Jesus alone can replace your emptiness.

C. Without Jesus life is useless and meaningless.

D. With Jesus there is no frustration

E. Jesus is the only answer for man’s quest for God.


A. Jesus is the ultimate truth.

B. All who come unto the living truth will be set free.

C. Relationship with Jesus is being a child of almighty God.

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