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Sermon: Principles of giving

Principles of giving


Lately I have been thinking very much about the act of giving and studying what the Bible says about it. During these times the Holy Spirit of God brought a couple of truths to my attention. In today’s sermon I intend to share three truths which I believe to be very important for any Christian who wishes to give for the glory of God.

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A Bible study on giving for Christian missions

giving for Christian missionsActs 20:35 exhorts us to give to please God, for our giving to be honored in heaven and to receive abundant blessings from God.

How do we give?

1. Our giving should be orderly and disciplined. 1 Corinthians 16:2 Paul instructs the church to give every first day of the week when the Church meets together.

2. We are to give according to the measure that God has given us. While this was requirement in the OT, the NT encourages us to give out of gratitude and not out of compulsion.

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