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Lately, I have been thinking very much about the act of giving and studying what the Bible says about it. During these times the Holy Spirit of God brought a couple of truths to my attention. In today’s sermon, I intend to share three truths that I believe to be very important for any Christian who wishes to give for the glory of God. [Illustrations used in this sermon: Giving in secretSacrificial giving]

1. The attitude of giving

A. To show that we are thankful to God

B. Not out of obligation, (2 Corinthians 9:7)

C. Not to impress others, (Acts 4:32-36; Acts 5:1-10)

2. Motive behind giving

A. To support the ministry of the church, (Malachi 3:10a)

B. Not to gain control over the Pastor

C. Not to earn a position in the church

3. Discipline in giving

A. Need to be disciplined in giving, (ex: tithing regularly)

B. We must give faithfully, (1 Corinthians 16:2)

C. We must give sacrificially, (2 Samuel 24:24)


A. The attitude of giving is important. Giving what we have with the right attitude is more important compared to giving a lot with the wrong attitude.

B. God looks at the heart before releasing his blessings. Therefore when we give it is important that our giving is motivated by the right reasons.

C. It is important that we discipline our giving. Undisciplined giving too is a sign of giving out of wrong attitude and motives.

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