The importance of Vision in Christian Ministry

Vision is a very important word today. It’s a word frequently used by Statesmen, Businessmen, Religious Leaders etc. In this blog post I want to share with you 5 reasons why vision is important in Christian Ministry.

1. Vision Maintains the Order

Vision brings order in to ministry because each and every member contributes towards a common goal. When the leadership doesn’t have a clear vision others start doing what ever seems right in their own sight. It breeds disorder and confusion in the local body.

2. Vision Boosts Growth

One of the remarkable paradoxes of Christianity is that we nourish ourselves as we serve others. The serving Christian is a growing Christian (qualitative growth). Serving church is a growing church (quantitative growth). Vision calls people for service. Where there’s no vision people become idle, selfish, self feeding, parasitic consumers.

3. Vision Protects the Unity

Some one said “Team” means “Together Everyone Achieves More” – When there’s vision people work a team to achieve that vision. Where there’s no vision each individual believes what he or she is doing is more important than what the other person is doing. Such beliefs breed competition, conflicts and divisions in the local church.

4. Vision Boosts Productivity

Vision help the leader to focus the resources. It makes keeping tabs on the progress so much easier. Some leaders are very busy in ministry but hardly accomplish anything at all because they don’t have a vision. They keep shooting in the dark. It’s a waste of energy and resources. It results in unnecessary burn out, frustration, disappointment and anger.

5. Vision Creates Momentum

Visionary leaders create momentum in ministry because the vision itself motivates people to passionately move forward to achieve that vision. When people move the entire ministry picks up the momentum and begins to move forward.

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